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Lucky Patcher APK Free Download Latest App

Lucky Patcher Apk Free Download For Android: There are billions of android and IOS users who love lots of games and apps. Majority smartphone users use the free versions of apps and games as you guys know paid versions of APK apps are totally waste of money. But in free apps version, we all face the annoying popup ads that demand us to upgrade for the premium APK version. This is the moment when we all hurt. Sometimes we delete that particular app because buying the paid version of apps means the lots of $$$$ because we can’t buy the paid version of every APK app. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to introduce the new free lucky patcher APK app for Android and IOS users.

That is totally free and let you control you are APK apps from your smartphone. However, you people can directly download the latest version of free Lucky Patcher APK from the given provided link.

Now, let’s move forward and discuss what actually is a lucky patcher?

Lucky Patcher

What Actually Is Lucky Patcher?

Well, lucky patcher by chalpus is the app that is developed by the chalpus developers. A lucky patcher is an amazing tool for all android users and IOS users that let you control all smartphone apps and you can also hack several apps from this tool. Basically, a lucky patcher is not the tool that is developed for the cracking purpose but it enables you to perform the lots of other features that I will show you later in this guide. However, lucky patcher analyzes all smartphone apps and indicates you about the actionable tasks along with the possibilities to remove the license verification of the apps.

I am the old user of this lucky patcher tool and believe me it not the wrong if I say that it must have the android app. Because this tool has lots of amazing features that no other tool will provide you. Through the lucky patcher, you people can easily manage the APK apps that are installed in your smartphone. Like you guys can remove the free version google ads change the permission, remove the license verification and many other interesting options.

Requirements To Download The Lucky Patcher Android

There are no hard requirements to use and download the lucky patcher APK app. However, the only requirement is that you must have a rooted device. But now a day making your devices rooted is also very simple and easy through the tools like kingroot. To do this, you don’t need to be an expert once install the app and run the lucky patcher and you will get the list of all installed apps along with the actions that you guys can perform. Other than this, lucky patcher also guides you with the colors on the title that indicates the compatible task on other tools. Therefore, you people can download the lucky patcher android version through the below-provided link.

Main Specifications Of Lucky Patcher Apk

NameLucky Patcher
Latest Version7.4.5
Latest Released11 September, 2018
Size4.65 MB
RequirementAndroid 2.3+ Rooted device

Core Features Of Lucky Patcher Apk 2018

In the above section, we discuss a few features of lucky patcher 2018. Now, let’s explore all the great features of lucky patcher APK.

Remove the ads on any app

I know you ever faced the annoying Google ads in your favorite free APK apps. In order to control ads, you can download lucky patcher APK free latest version and remove all annoying ads from your favorite free apps. Keep in mind you people can remove any type of ads from the LP Apk App.

App Moving Option

Through this app moving option, you people can easily move your Android apps from internal storage to sd card to keep your mobile storage free. Other than this, another advantage of this app you people can also make the backup of your apps and data for future use with the Lp backup feature. However, app cloning is also very easy and you can clone your app.

Safe And Secure

It’s possible that You people might have heard about the Lucky Patcher that its not a safe app.
In reality, it’s not true because this APK app does not collect any personal information. Google play store always show this notification that this app is harmful, but you people don’t need to focus on that. Just ignore that notification and install it on your smartphone. This Lp app is 100% safe and secure to use anytime and everywhere.

In-App Purchases Removal

Lp has lots of cool features and this one is amazing. Lucky patcher in-app purchases feature enables you to make buy free purchases of any premium stuff from your apps. It means that you people can buy any free stuff from your apps without paying any single penny.

App And Activities Modifications

We all know there are lots of useful apps but every app as for the permissions before the modification. But in the lucky patcher case, you people can easily modify any and edit their permissions without any hurdle.

Remove License Verification

whenever you people download the APK from other sources other than the google play store then the app company or developers may ask the license verification. But through the free Lucky Patcher apk, you can easily remove the license verification from your apps.

How To Use Free Lucky Patcher APK?

Using the lucky patcher app is very simple without the rooting. Here I am giving you step by step guide. But keep one thing in mind that the chances may lose some time.

  1. Simply open the Lucky Patcher APK and select the app that you want to buy the in-app purchases.
  2. If your desired app is available in the app purchases then you will see the “in-app purchases found” below the app.
  3. Now you have to long click on the app and click “open menu patches” option
  4. This time select the “create modified APK” followed by the “Support patch for In-app and LVL emulation”.
  5. If you find the google ads then you have to click on the Apk without google ads.
  6. There is a chance for license verification. If yes then select Apk without license verification option.
  7. In the binging, it will tell you about all types of unwanted features such as license, google ads and purchases.
  8. You have to proceed further to create your app with necessity options.
  9. Wait for a while, after that you will see the N1 success, N2, and N3. If you are lucky then you will see the N4 Success.
  10. Wait and don’t open the file.
  11. Finally, make the backup of your app by using the Lucky Patcher app and don’t forget to uninstall the app that you want to hack.
  12. Open the Storage/Android/Lucky Patcher/Modified and install the modified APK app.

If you follow all the steps as I described here then the app will run. If not then you are not lucky enough.

Difference Between Lucky Patcher Rooted And NonRooted Devices

Well, the main difference between lucky patcher rooted and the nonrooted device is that rooted devices let you modify the apps without uninstalling. But on the other hand, in the nonrooted devices, you guys have to create the modified Apk files for every modification for the apps and uninstall and install the app that is a little bit difficult for the new users.

Free Lucky Patcher Apk 2018 Installation Guide

After discussing the details of the Lucky patcher, now I would like to take you towards the installation guide of the latest Lucky Patcher version. Before downloading this app, you must keep in your mind that your device should be higher than Android 2.2 or at least it must be Android 2.2. Now download the Lp Apk latest version through the provided links. Then follow my below-provided installation guide.

Download The latest version of the Lucky Patcher APK app and open the download location. It will look like.

Before the installation, you have to make sure that your unknown resources option will turn on. Because without this you will not be able to install the app on your device. You people can turn on this option on your android phone in the security of privacy settings.


Now you have to open the Lucky Patcher app file and click on the install button. After that, you will get the warning from the google app store that this application is harmful. Just ignore that notification because this app is 100% secure and wait until you finish the installation. Finally, the latest version of the lucky patcher app is installed on your smartphone. 


Lucky Patcher In-App Purchases Hacking Method On Android

Lp app is very simple to use but the majority of people face the issue on In-App Purchases. In-App purchases in most frequently used features of Lucky Patcher Apk. Because in this option, you people can buy the premium stuff in android by doing the fake payments. However, this Lp feature can be used on both rooted and nonrooted devices. Here the another best method of In-app Purchases in Lucky Patcher. Have a look.

In-App Purchases Hacking Method

Before proceeding, I want to clear one thing that not all APK apps and games are hackable. Games like the clash of clans have a non-crack able secure server and you can hack it. Now open your APK Lp app and select the app that you want to hack.

Click on the “menu of patches” option and select the “create modified APK file” option. Later, you have to click on the APK rebuilt for in-app lVl emulation option and rebuild the app.

Keep in mind, If you have rooted device then you don’t need to create the modified APK file. Because you can directly patch your apps for free in-app purchases in rooted phones.

Kindly wait for the few seconds until the process finishes. When modified APK file ready click on the go to file option. Now you have to uninstall the previously installed APK files. Here at this stage, you people can also make the backup of your data. After that, your application will be ready for the hack in-app purchases.

Finally your app is patched with lucky patcher lvl emulation. Therefore its ready to make the free purchase. Now you have to open your app and click on the store menu option where you will buy the premium app stuff.

In my example, I will give you the example subway surfer android game. Just click on the item that you want to buy for free. When you people will click on the buy button you will see the popup of lucky patcher on your devices in which you have to press yes. That’s it, you have made the free purchases of premium stuff without paying the single penny. 

Lucky Patcher IOS Apk Download

I hope you guys have cleared about Lucky Patcher Android application. Now I would like to guide you people regarding Lucky Patcher IOS app downloading method. Unfortunately, you people can download this app on ios through the Apple App Store. But don’t worry here I will provide you the complete solution for it.

In order to download the Lucky Patcher APK for IOS, you need to first install the iPadian app on your IOS phone and install it like all other apps.

Now you have to Open the iPadian app on your iOS device.

Click on the app store of your IOS device and search for the lucky patcher APK.

After that enter in the lucky patcher app icon and check if it is available in the iPadian app.

If yes, then you have to click on the install button and wait for the few seconds until the app gets installed. That’s it.

By following the above methods you can easily download the Lucky patcher in the IOS device.

Download Lucky Patcher For Pc

Here I am going to provide you step by step guide to download the lucky patcher for Pc.

Firstly you have to download the Nox that is the popular Android emulator and its support the Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 and 10.

After that, install the Nox in your pc that will take a few minutes.

Later you will set up the Nox app player by connecting it with your Google account. To do this you people can use existing google account or you can create the new one.

When you will link the Nox and google account, you will be redirected to the home screen of Nox with many app suggestions. Now leave the Nox here and download the lucky patcher Apk in your PC through Nox.

Next, open the downloaded file that will just open in the Nox and don’t forget to follow the on-screen instructions to properly install the app.

Don’t panic, your installation will take the few minutes until it’s completely installed. That’s it.

To find the Lucky Patcher Apk, you have to get the Nox apps folder or you can use the search bar.

List Of Games And Apps That You Can Patch Using Lucky Patcher

Although there are millions of games and apps that you can patch from the Lucky Patcher. Here I am just giving you a list of a few games and apps which you can patch.

Apps list

  1. Titanium backup
  2. Rocket Music player
  3. NetQin Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos
  4. EvolveSMS v1.8.6
  5. N7 Music player
  6. Link2sd
  7. Avast Mobile security
  8. AutoMapa
  9. GoldenDict
  10. XPrivacy

Games List

  1. Candy Crush Saga v1.39.4+
  2. Hill climb Racing v1.17.0
  3. My Talking Tom
  4. PokerStars lite
  5. Where’s my water?
  6. Where’s my Micky?
  7. Where’s my perry?
  8. Where’s my Micky XL?
  9. Real Cricket 14 v2.0.4
  10. Temple Run 2 v1.12.1

Few Advantages of Lucky Patcher:

TThere are many advantages of lucky patcher and here I am giving you the idea about few main advantages of Lp app. The latest version of lucky patcher has lots of excellent options that you can find on any other app.

Here are a few of the advantages:

  1. It will increase compatibility with most devices.
  2. The latest version of Lp is lightweight
  3. It Uses fewer resources on a device and gives you more space for multi-tasking.
  4. Better functionalities

These were just a few additional options that I have listed here. Other then this there are lots of functionalities that you will find while using the Lp Apk app.

Disadvantages of Lucky Patcher

As you all know, every coin has two sides. Similarly, in the lucky patcher, you guys will also find some disadvantages that I am going to share with you too. Have a look below.

Here are a few disadvantages:

  1. This app does not work on all type of apps
  2. Use this app carefully. It can wipe your entire data from your device is you try to modify the wrong option.

Like the advantages, these were the few disadvantages of lucky patcher APK. So I will recommend you to just read all the information about this app and then use it.

Is Lucky Patcher A Safe App?

Yes, lucky Patcher APK is the 100% safe app. But during download from google play store will show you notification that this app is harmful. Just ignore the notification and download lucky patcher APK latest version.

Can Lucky Patcher App Hack Online Games.

Yes is it possible because I have been tried for some games? But keep in mind not every game will be crackable.

Why Does Lucky Patcher Run Slowly And Hang A Lot?

There must be a problem with your devices. That is your device is running on the old android version. If yes then upgrade your device.

Where To Use Lucky Patcher?

Yeah! It’s an important question for all smartphone users such as IOS users and Android users. Let me tell you, you people can use the free lucky patcher APK app on Android, IOS, and PC.

Final Verdict

Lucky Patcher Apk is the amazing app for removing google ads on other apps. As well as its the best solution for bypassing the license of paid apps. I personally used this app and I made the lots of purchase of premium stuff without paying any single penny. The best thing about this app its totally free and easy to use for all devices like android, pc, and IOS.

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